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Research Projects

Our Current Focus

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1. Revisiting Criminal Laws in India

The contemporary challenges to the criminal justice system are directly connected to the ability of society to access justice. The need for identifying and examining the areas of reforms under the criminal justice system is important to ensure the efficient functioning of the system and be on par with the principles of justice.


The Centre for Research and Criminal Justice undertook this research to identify critical perspectives of fundamental principles of criminal laws in India. The primary aim of this research is to provide promising analysis and contemplation of criminal laws and policies by way of rekindling constructive debates regarding the functionalities of criminal laws in India. The objective of this research is to ameliorate the criminal legislations and discern the critiques of these laws as provided by judges, eminent jurists, policy makers and thinkers. This research strives to provide a transparent overlook upon the criminal laws with a goal to ensure equal access to justice.


2. Need for Prison Reforms

The need for transformation and adopting a reformative approach towards prisons system is of paramount importance. The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India has time and again commented upon the sub-human conditions in prisons. With a growing advocacy for the protection of human rights in the various walks of lives, the plight of prisoners is emerging as a critical issue of public policy. Various systematically constructed isolations of our prisons deflects the gaze of civil society institutions and as a result of this, administration and management of these prisons tends to become inefficacious.

Thus, the matter of rehabilitation of the prisoners and reformation of prison system becomes a quintessential affair which should be duly considered.

CRCJ has undertaken a Pan-India Research Project which aims to work towards providing reformative insights upon prison system so as to raise consciousness amongst people and simultaneously preserve the basic rights of the prisoners which they deserve. The objective of this research project is to analyse the administration and functioning of prisons in the country and offering practical solutions to alleviate the hardships faced by the prisoners. 
The Centre primarily aims to portray the current scenario of Indian prisons whilst also appraising various suggestions and recommendations provided by various government committees, judicial pronouncements and jurists.