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Environmental Protection is one of the basic and the most important prerequisite for the overall development of any country. To protect the environment from pollution and other degrading activities is a moral obligation of human beings because environmental pollution is not only a threat to the health of animals, humans and plants but also a long-term challenge to the existence of the planet Earth itself. Air, Water, Noise pollution, global warming, Acid rain, Deforestation are a few instances of environmental pollution. For the past few decades, environmental law has evolved into the legal system of almost every country in the world. These laws not only tend to address the issues related to the natural environment but also stipulates how humans shall interact with the natural environment and ecological systems. Environmental legal regime brings in multiple layers of regulatory control where the Governments at all levels are active participants.



Centre for Research in Criminal Justice (CRCJ) invites contributions for its upcoming Journal. We welcome submissions from Academicians, Legal Practitioners, Research scholars, Law Students on the theme of Environmental Crimes: Current and Emerging Issues.



The evolving environmental jurisprudence has brought in a new area of crimes namely environmental crimes. Of late, there had been elaborate discussions and deliberations about the nature and ambit of emerging environmental crimes. It is necessary to spread awareness about environmental crimes and the present and future trends of environmental crimes. With this objective in view, the Justice M. L. Pendse Chair in Environmental Laws in association with the Centre for Research in Criminal Justice organises a one-day National Seminar on Environmental Crimes- Current and Emerging Issues. The seminar will be held on 15th May 2021 in the University Campus strictly following the COVID 19 protocol and subject to then prevailing COVID Situation.



Academicians, legal practitioners, research scholars, law students, Environmentalists, Activists and others may participate in the Seminar.



The selected papers will be published in the upcoming Journal of Centre for Research in Criminal Justice of Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai or/and published in the form of a book depending on the quality of the papers and subject to University Policy. 

Sub-Themes: Following are the thematic areas spread in various sessions:

  1. Conventional Crimes of pollution

  2. Trade-related environmental crimes including smuggling of certain chemicals and Wild Life Products

  3. Pollution and Crime arising out of Improper disposal of Waste

  4. Forest and Wildlife related Crimes

  5. Polluting Oceans and Marine Resources

  6. Polluting Air and Outer space

  7. Falsifying data pertaining to environmental regulations

*Above themes are purely indicative in nature*



The Post Graduate Diploma in Crime Investigation, Medical Jurisprudence and Forensic Science is a 20 credits programme consisting of 6 courses of 3 credits each and a project work of 2 credits.






The lectures for the Programme will be conducted in online mode which will be supplemented by 3 slots of classroom instruction of one-week duration each. Online lectures will be conducted only on the weekends and holidays. Every Lecture will be recorded. The recording of the lecture will be provided to the candidates only if prior intimation and permission will be taken from the concerned faculty.

The learning environment includes online lectures on weekends, Webinars, Seminars and conferences on Campus, practical demonstrations, visits to prisons, Juvenile Homes, Police Station, live demonstrations of various techniques used in various Forensic Science Institutions.


Evaluation and Grades:

The grading system will be as per the Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai regulations


Admission for the year 2021 is stopped

Date of Admission for the year 2022 will be announced in September 2021

For any query mail us at crcj@mnlumumbai.edu.in


Prof. (Dr.) Anil G. Variath
I/c. Registrar
Director, Centre for Research in Criminal Justice
Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai
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Ms. Gauri Rane
Teaching and Research Associate

Co-ordinator, Centre for Research in Criminal Justice
Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai
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